Experienced Chiropractor in Ogden, UT

The Alternative Medicine Clinic of Utah provides the value and quality you look for when selecting an Ogden, UT, chiropractor. You should never struggle through life with chronic pain when our staff is here to make the pain go away. We offer a wide array of effective and proven treatments that can get you back to full-speed in no time flat.

With our modern facility, our patients know we have the skills and equipment to ensure a full recovery. Our chiropractors use the perfect balance of technology, skill, and the healing properties of human touch to provide lasting relief for your pain. Our varied methods of treatment allow us make each patient our number one priority. Our full range of chiropractic services include:

  • General chiropractic care
  • Neck pain treatment
  • Back pain treatment
  • Automobile injury treatment
  • Headache and migraine treatment
  • Nutritional healing
  • Custom weight loss treatment

If you're looking for an Ogden, UT, chiropractor that provides flexible appointment scheduling, you'll find what you're looking for at the Alternative Medicine Clinic of Utah. Call us today to schedule your first appointment and give yourself a chance at a pain-free life.